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Mario Bagella

低溫派對 Pianu Mannu 2020

低溫派對 Pianu Mannu 2020

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Producer: Cantina Mario Bagella
Region: Sardegna
Grape: 100% Cannonau
Wine Type: Sparkling White (Pet Nat)
Alcohol: 12.5%
Format: 750ml
Aging: 8-9 Months On Lees


氣溫驟降,不代表氣氛就要沉寂下來。被稱為「低溫派對」,因為這支氣酒懂得「呼吸」,帶來的感覺會一直蛻變 —— 氣泡的量會與溫度成反比,酒雪得越凍,越有氣,入口越帶跳脫的動感;更可由最凍開始,再細嚐慢慢回暖後的變化,入口的感覺會一直變化,就像派對的不同高潮,高低起伏的氣氛,只有親歷其中才能感受。

「低溫派對」來自意大利南部,地中海第二大島 Sardegna,以100% Cannonau 葡萄釀造,是一款由紅提子釀製而成的有氣白酒Sparkling White Wine,所以會比一般的更深色,果味更濃。配搭打冷及大牌檔等香港地道佳餚,將地中海的海鹽味道融入鹹香與鑊氣,如魚得水!


Wine with a fresh and exciting bouquet, with clear notes of rose and bread crust, and with an evident sensation of iodine. The bubble is lively and releases minerality and flavor in the mouth, with references to dried flowers in the long final aftertaste.

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