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Cantina Annesanti

蘋果洋甘菊 Raspato Bianco 2021 IGT

蘋果洋甘菊 Raspato Bianco 2021 IGT

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Producer: Cantina Annesanti
Region: Umbria
Grape: 100% Moscato Bianco
Wine Type: Semi-Sparkling White
Alcohol: 12%
Format: 750ml
Aging: 6 Months in Bottle
Organic: Yes

炎炎夏日,一枝消暑的氣泡酒最適合不過。以 100% Moscato 釀造,完全不甜之餘,竟然帶給你像洋甘菊,蘋果 Cider 及 Kombucha 的感覺!

“蘋果洋甘菊是一枝半氣酒 Semi-Sparkling 的自然酒,除了清純無添加,沒有額外的二氧化硫之外,氣泡份量恰到好處,不多也不少。

來自意大利中部的 Umbria,味道可口之外,莊主Francesco Annesanti 更特意精心設計了非常時尚的酒樽,不需要用開瓶器之餘,更可循環再用,作為水樽或花樽,安坐家中,格調別樹一幟!

無論是週末的下午自肥,或者晚餐跟朋友在家相聚作 Pre-Drink,甚至是船P,野餐,露營等等,絕對能夠帶動氣氛展開話題!


100% Moscato! A true natural wine - this is organically and biodynamically farmed, hand harvested, with no fining, no filtration and no sulfur additions. Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts, of course. Vines are grown on clay soils, 350m above sea level. As a Pétillant Naturel wine, it is bottled before the primary fermentation is complete, so the fermentation process continues in the bottle to produce a natural spritz. "Raspo" is stem in Italian, a reference to the whole cluster fermentations Francesco employs to create this singular bubbly.  

Looks and smells a bit like pineapple juice and pours with an exuberant foam. Floral and slightly funky on the nose, with notes of the aforementioned pineapple, green apple, grapefruit and zingy acidity. So much going on in this wine- but its still easy to chug!

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