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Tenuta di Castellaro

黑曜之石 Nero Ossidiana 2020

黑曜之石 Nero Ossidiana 2020

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Producer: Tenuta di Castellaro
Region: Sicily
Grape: 90% Corinto Nero 10% Nero d’Avola
Wine Type: Still Red
Alcohol: 13%
Format: 750ml
Aging: 1 year in Oak Barrel and 6+ Months in Bottle




Deep ruby red, complex and structured.

Presents itself to the palate with juicy shades of red fruit, intriguing aromas of spices and musk on the nose. His iodate notes firmly claim the peculiar marine influence on a land already rich in microelements.

Nero Ossidiana expresses all the typicality of a land that is both volcanic and marine, representing the union between the island and the sea.

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